Lush T for Toes Powder Review

Hello Luuxers! Since its summer it tends to be very hot outside, which can be awful when you`re wearing clothes toed shoes for a period of time! I started looking online for solutions to stinky feet and shoes, and this powder from Lush was very highly recommended, so I decided to give it a shot!

The associate at the store told me to sprinkle this in shoes to mask odor, or put it on and between your toes before putting on shoes. So at first I tried sprinkling some in my Toms to see if that helped. Instead the smell of the powder just kind of mixed in with the other smells, and so it didn`t really help at all. It also just made a mess in my shoes. So then when I was getting ready for work, I sprinkled some powder on my toes before putting on my ballet flats. After a five hour shift my shoes were odor-less, and there was no mess! So overall, I feel like the product doesn`t work well in shoes to mask odors already there, but when you put in on your toes to prevent smells, then it works fine!

I ended paying around $10 for the bottle, which isn`t a bad price considering it`s a good size bottle that will probably last me a long time. Are any of you Luuuxers Lush fans? What product by them do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!


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