Lush Review- My favorite Lush products!

5 years ago

My favorite Lush Products!

Picture 1; Cream and Candy Bubble Bar
Picture 2; Twighlight Bath Bomb
Picture 3; Thearpy Massage Bar
Picture 4; Honey I Washed the Kids
Picture 5; Rock Star Soap

First product i love is the Cream and candy bubble bar. what i do is take half of it and crumble it under running water. It then makes lots of bubbles in your bath! It smells amazing and also the bubbles don`t go away right when you crumble it up, it kinda stays in the water so you can enjoy it.

Twighlight bath bomb, very mousturizing, it also smells great and the color is so pretty, with little shimmering glitters but the glitter does leave a residue in the tub o_o but besides that i think it is really great and relaxing!

Therapy massage bar, I apply this to my legs and arms, It`s really mouisturizing but slightly oily in a mousiurizing way. It`s really good for dry skin, but has an odd smell. But very mouisturizing.

Next one i really liked was the Honey i washed the kids. This one is like a lotion type soap. It kind of lathers into a creamy lotion. It has a carmely sweetness smell to it. It`s very long lasting and the scent lingers on your skin when you get out of the shower but not too strong, you can barly tell its there.

Lastly is the Rock star soap, it smells really really good and lathers well. But i think it smells amazingg!

Leave in the comments what you think of them and what products you love or hate :)

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