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A super quick review for today on this new item from the fresh, handmade cosmetics authority! Its the LUSH Putty For Your Hands ($8.95 USD / $8.95 CAD) and its an interesting hybrid between a soap and a lotion, to cleanse your hands while moisturizing them at the same time!

The Packaging

LUSH prides itself with packaging its products with as little materials (if any) as possible. This one comes wrapped in their recyclable paper that you would typically have your soaps wrapped in as well. I like to leave this one on a soap dish near the sink, because it doesnt have too strong of a scent!

Im a sucker for anything that has cleansing and moisturizing in the same sentence, because I love using hydrating washes (I hate that dry, tight feeling that my skin gets and sometimes Im just too lazy to moisturize). This one caught my eye because its soap free- it contains no foaming agents so its much more gentle on sensitive skin (bonus!), and it uses tea tree and lavender to cleanse instead (which are natural antiseptic agents). It contains oats as well for a tiny bit of exfoliation, and calming oils to hydrate!

Im really a fan of this soap, its so gentle! It might take a little getting used to because it doesnt lather, but its similar to getting used to a sulfate-free shampoo or cleanser like Cetaphil. My skin feels so soft and smooth after, no tightness at all! Great for keeping by the kitchen sink for a little TLC post dishwashing. It smells a bit like their Buffy body butter to me, but its a very light scent and nothing overpowering. It can get a little slimy if it doesnt have enough surface area exposed to dry, so I recommend chopping it up into smaller pieces and only keeping a few out at a time.

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