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5 years ago

Ever since lip scrubs came around everyone has been going crazy over them, they were a new addition to lush rather a while ago now but are still one of lush`s most popular items. There are three lip scrubs in lush`s all time range but they have also brought a few out for christmas`
I have three of there lip scrubs and there all different in there own way.
Lip scrubs do have a expiry date on them (i dont think its a very short expiry date) but aslong as they dont smell/taste/look horrid i dont see any harm in using them past that.

Pow Wow; This was a limited edition lip scrub from this christmas, it smells just like lime and contains pop rocks. Its more of a lumpy sugar scrub, the bits of sugar are not at all fine because of the pop rocks im guessing so it makes it harder to scrub your lips with but its one of the best tasteing lip scrubs!

Bubblegum; This one is from the permanent line and is the best one for a good lip scrubbing. The sugar in this is very fine so its easier to use on your lips. I got this one a good while ago and it has lasted me for ages! I love the bright pink colour and it tastes just like bubblegum! just like the name suggests aha.

Lip Dip; This lip scrub isnt like the others it has more of a hard texture making it hard to use on your lips, it confused me at first thinking i had a bad batch but they all seem to be like that! i havent really used this one because its so hard to use seeing as of the texture but it does smell and taste really good! it smells just like lemon sherbert and tastes like lemons!

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