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5 years ago

Havent done a Lush haul in soooo long!! I was excited because I had my 5 empty pots so you know what that face mask!!! The mask I chose was Ayesha because it is meant for mature skin and Im trying to add more anti aging products into my routine. The girl even said to use it before I go out because it smoothes any lines that I may have. Well I had nowhere to go so I just used it when I got home lol and this might be my new favorite Lush mask. It made my skin softer than ever and it really did smooth out any imperfections and made my pores look much smaller. Love Lettuce has a run for its money (my fave before I found this new miracle mask)

The next thing I had my eye on for awhile was No Drought, their new dry shampoo. I heard it doesnt leave a grey tint which has been my biggest issue. Ive tried this and yes it doesnt leave a grey tint but it left my scalp ghost white! And its also very messy, it looks like I got baby powder everywhere. Still have yet to find a good dry shampoo

I also have had my eye on Lovely Jubblies, for prevention purposes lol and ive heard it works! The girl even said its hard to keep it on the shelves and it might now be their most sold product. I believe it because everytime ive gone to get it, its been sold out! and once a girl tried to give me a sample and when she looked in the tester jar it was empty! lol I havent tried it yet but plan on doing a full review!

The next thing I got was the Fresh Pharmacy face soap, only because I hear a lot of great things about it. I will be doing a review on this as well, hopefully it clears up some breakouts ive been getting a lot of lately.

The last thing I almost didnt buy because I have so many lotions and I still have my Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar. This is Love Potion from Valentines Day. If your Lush still has it BUY IT!!! It is the best smelling massage bar I have tried and I regret not buying back ups of it! If it comes out next year I will definitely be stocking up. I suck at describing scents and its not on the site anymore but it smells like jasmine and fruity2 of my faves.

What are your favorite Lush products? Have you tried any of these yet?

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