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3 years ago

Hey y`all! I have once again decided to pay my local Lush a visit! I actually have two separate purchases: one from online and one from going in the store! I am a Lush addict. There are pros and cons to being a Lush addict. Pros: buying organic products that are good for you and the environment. You see effective improvements to your hair, body, etc. after a few weeks. Cons: the prices on certain product are pricey, and the addiction to keep on buying more.

*Lovely Jubblies: Take care of your finest features with Mother Natures finest ingredients. Inspiring men and women alike, our rather brilliant breast cream is packed full of tightening meadowsweet infusion and firming tiger lily petals to help fight the forces of gravity. We add heaps of beeswax and organic oils of almond and avocado to soften your melons and keep them supple. Smooth a generous amount over your décolletage area and leave your cleavage smelling like a fresh floral bouquet of orange blossom, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. $25.95

*Charity Pot: Inside every black pot of Charity Pot is a whole lot more than a creamy body lotion to hydrate parched, dry skin. Of course, its filled with the finest ingredients, including Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, and made by hand with love. Not to mention the gorgeous fresh, ylang ylang floral fragrance. What makes it so special? Every penny (yes, every single penny) that you pay for a pot, excluding the tax, goes to fund and support grassroots charities all around the world. You end up with softer, floral-scented skin AND youre doing a world of good with every pot purchased. $5.95

*Tea Tree Toner Tab: This steamer tab is full of the best ingredients for toning troubled skin. Deep-cleansing tea tree oil keeps skin clean and clear, and kind, cooling aloe vera soothes the irritation often associated with blemishes. Our solid, preservative-free toner tabs are the gentlest way to treat your skin to a spot of aromatherapy. Dropped into a bowl of hot water, it gently dissolves, releasing the steam that`s great for opening up your pores and allowing the essential oils to be absorbed. $1.95

*Fizzy O`Therapy: Loosen up with a Fizzy O`Therapy in the tub when your body is feeling the strain. If you`ve wound yourself up like a pretzel at the yoga studio, spun one too many times in spinning class, or just spent too long hunched over the computer, drop one of these in the tub and let it go to work soothing tense, sore muscles. It`s a spicy Bath Bomb with ginger, cloves, cinnamon and coriander to help you unwind. Follow up with a spicy Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar to keep your whole body in great condition. $4.95

*Ickle Baby Bot: If youre looking to rewire your little ones energy panel so you both can get some sleep, draw them a warm bath instead of warming up milk. A modern 21st century invention, Ickle Baby Bot has been designed to mesmerize the senses with ray guns of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. These sleep-inducing essential oils are natures cure for insomnia and calming restless babes. One soak with our relaxing Bath Bomb and theyll be happily dreaming of sheep (and Little Bo Peep) in no time. Having trouble computing yourself? You wouldnt be the first to sneak in a bot bath $3.95

*Sunny Side: If you`ve had a day full of disappointment, pop one of these sparkly bubble bars into your bath. As you crumble it under the running water, you`ll start to feel immediately better. You just can`t help but smile when you see the shimmery golden waters it creates. Maybe it`s because citrus fruits only grow in warm, sunny places that their scents make us feel like smiling again. Sunny Side`s orange, tangerine and lemon help reverse the troubles of the day, however badly it started. It`ll turn your life Sunny Side up. $7.25

*Yuzu and Cocoa: Inspired by the unusual Japanese fruit the yuzu (kind of like a Satsuma orange), this Bubbleroon has a delectable orange chocolate fragrance, with exotic tropical undertones and an uplifting grapefruit top note. It makes mountains of fluffy white bubbles and the most sublimely soft bath water youve ever had. With Extra Virgin coconut oil and Fair Trade Shea Butter (like all of our Bubbleroons) Yuzo and Cocoa is the crème de la crème of chocolatey, moisturizing, and soothing baths. $6.25

*Green:If you like the fresh, green scent of our Grass Shower Gel, you`ll fall head over heels in love with our Green Bubbleroon. Bursting with uplifting and naturally smile-inducing orange and lime oils, mounds of fluffy bubbles and vibrant, emerald green water, this one is bound to lift your mood. The extra virgin coconut oil jam that holds the Bubbleroon together disperses into the bath to soften and moisturize, making your skin happy too. $5.95

& Lush gives out `FREE` samples with every purchase!!! YEA. Who doesn`t love free samples?

Do you like Lush? What is your favourite product(s) from there?
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