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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
The other day I stopped by the Lush shop just to check if they had their lip scrub available, since the last time I went there it was sold out. I ended up buying a few other things
What I bought:
- New Solid Shampoo 7,85 (11,95 USD)
- Daddy-O Shampoo 6,95 (9,95 USD)
- Happy Happy Joy Conditioner 13,95 (12,95 USD)
- Grease Lightning 6,95 (13,95 USD)
- Emotional Brilliance 14,95 (18,95 USD)
- Popcorn lip scrub 6,95 (9,95 USD)

I absolutely love Lushs solid shampoos. At first I was a afraid to try them because they seemed weird and I wasnt sure how to use them. But now that Ive tried the New and the Jumping Juniper solid shampoos, they became my absolute favorite shampoos.
The New solid shampoo is a repurchase since my New shampoo finished.
I bought the Daddy-o shampoo for my mother because the sales assistant told me this was great for dyed hair. I love its color, its like a sparkly purple.
I also bought my mother the Happy Happy Joy conditioner since she doesnt like my HG conditioner, the American Cream, I thought she would enjoy this one.
Since I have dry skin but I still have some acne I decided to buy the Grease Lightning just to apply directly on those blemishes and, OMG, its great. Ive been using this product for the last 3 days and 2 of my pimples already vanished!
My mother needed a setting powder and, because she has very sensitive skin, I thought the Emotional Brilliance would be good for her.
And, at last, what I went for the Lush store looking for: the lip scrub. I didnt think I would be such a fan of lip scrubs but now that Ive tried the Lush ones I find them absolutely necessary. They work great for my dry lips. I thought the Popcorn lip scrub was limited edition but apparently it isnt anymore and its just a little bit cheaper than the bubblegum lip scrub.
The sales assistant gave my 2 samples of the Roots hair mask and a sample of the Enchanted eye cream :)
- Have you ever tried any of these products?
- Pictures are mine

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