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4 years ago

So after Universal Studios my sister and I went to LUSH for the first time and I am not going to lie, I went sort of wild! lol. I absolutely fell in love with the place and I thought that it was the most amazing store ever! I personally have found that the product works very well for me.

I actually had a lot of issue with my hair, where I would HAVE to shampoo my hair twice or else my scalp would still be semi oily or I would flake out really really bad. Thus the result would be super dead end tips. The shampoo that I got was the NEW! shampoo. It works very well on my hair in so that it cleans it and I don`t flake or anything and I only have to shampoo once. Along with this I also purchased a shampoo tin to store my shampoo bar. The downside is that it fits the shampoo PERFECTLY so then it`s sort of hard to take out. I use the cinnamon sticks to help move it out, my sister uses the lid as the holder and the bottom as the top.

The nice lady that was helping me gave me a sample of the American Cream Conditioner. I personally didn`t feel that for a conditioner it was worth the price so I didn`t purchase the conditioner later on, I stuck with my Aussie deep conditioner.

I also purchase a facial wash Herbalism. This facial wash is for combination skin so I found that it works very well in that it doesn`t over dry out the sections of my skin that is dry and it cleans the oily section of my face. However the downside I have to say with the facial cleaner was that the first week that I was using the product my skin broke out like crazy! So much so that I almost stopped using it, but since I spent a hefty amount of money on it I figure that maybe I would break out at first. After the week of break out my skin was actually really nice and clear.

The other product that I purchased was the Vanishing Cream. The vanishing cream is a facial moisturizer that is not suppose to simply sit on the skin but moisturize 4 or 5 layers deep into the skin. I have found that it works very well with my skin. I stopped using it for a week and I found that my skin did not look and feel as nice when I use it.

All in all, I have found that LUSH carries products that work well with me so far and I would recommend that you most definitely try it out. I also strongly recommend that when you go into a LUSH store you really talk to the sales associates as well. They help you in what would help accommodate to you. Since I went to the one at Universal Studios City Walk I got 10% off my purchase with my annual pass, so that made me a much more happy customer.

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