LUSH Gift Set. Late Christmas Haul :)

5 years ago

Today I`m going to talk about a Christmas gift I received full of amazingly scented
LUSH products. I don`t know if this exact wrapped gift, called
Baby, it`s Cold Outisde, is still available in the stores where you live, but I saw some of the products are still available on the Lush website.
*THE JILTED ELF It is a shower jelly with the sophisticated and stimulating fragrance of ginger and cinnamon leaf oil. It also contains vodka, honey and fig infusions, which are very softening for the skin. It is supposed to have some sparse glitters in it, and it does, but it doesn`t show up on your skin when you use the product. Shower jellies are very fun products to use, if you already know and love them, definitely give this one a try!
*GLOGG It is a more `traditional` shower gel. Although I love shower jellies, I think shower gels are way more practical and easy to use in the shower! It is a very nice product, although nothing I would personally repurchase. It has a very pleasant scent, quite citrusy and spicy. Since it is not too sweet or girly, I think it could be suitable for guys as well.
* AUSTRALIAN IGLOO This is a very cute Sugar Scrub, with Coconut oils and eucalyptus. The scent is pleasant and the product itself is really good, but I find that Lush`s sugar scrubs work all exactly the same. So, don`t worry if you can`t find this exact one in the stores, just pick another sugar scrub and it`ll soften your skin just as well as this little igloo!
*SPARKLE This on is a little cool product, which I honestly would not repurchase although I think it`s pretty genius. You get 40 lemon, grapefruit and black pepper toothy tabs, described as revolutionary, innovative tooth cleansing tabs, for perfect smiles. Instructions say:
1. Place one Toothy Tab between your front teeth. Nibble to break up. 2. Wet your toothbrush and brush. The Toothy Tab will begin to foam, helping clean your teeth. 3. Rinse your mouth well and spit out. As I said, it is a really cool concept and you can recycle your cardboard box when it`s empty, But still, not very practical for my taste.
*SNOW GLOBE It is a 100 gr - soap (a pretty big chunck!), quite citrusy and spicy, as all the other products mentioned. I love soaps from Lush so I was really curious to try this one out too, and I was not disappointed. It has a delicate scent, not overwhelmingly sweet, and it leaves your hands soft and clean. Overall, it was a nice set of products but nothing amazing or absolutely recommended. I feel they are all nice products to try, but which I would not repurchase myself. One cool thing about the gift was the wrapping`s a glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper, how genius is that?! :)
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