Lush Favourites #2

5 years ago

Hi everyone! Yesterday I decided to start the "Lush Favourites" series, so today I am back with another Lush favourite! Today`s favourite would be Ultrabalm. I will be providing my honest opinion/review of this product. If you missed my first Lush Favourite, you can view it here:

Since I live in Canada, the winters here are terrible for my skin. The weather causes my hands, lips, and feet to become extremely dry, and sometimes causes chapping! The chapping causes major soreness, pain and sometimes even bleeding! So I was then introduced to Ultrabalm. The description of the product on the lid says: "All-purpose balm for all your bits. An instant classic. Restoring, soothing, protecting, relieving, moisturizing. There`s nothing this petroleum-free balm can`t do." The cost is $12.95 for 45g.

-Great for winter dryness (saved my hands, lips and feet)
-Excellent for repairing dry heels (saved mine this past summer)
-Great for sunburns (helps sooth the peeling)
-Does exactly what it says (restore, sooth, protect, relieve and moisturize)
-Doesn`t clog pores
-A little goes a long way

-Greasy/very oily (not as oily if a little is applied such as the lips or certain small dry areas)
-Takes awhile to soak it (large body part)
-Melts if kept at high temperature

This product has saved multiple parts of my body. Once I had this huge crack on my lip that would not stop bleeding and hurt so much that I barely could talk or smile! After I applied Ultrabalm, the crack healed within 3 days! This has also saved my dry heels, making them smooth and soft for the summer. Basically this saves any dry part of the body. I highly recommend this for people with dry skin or those who have certain dry parts that won`t become soft again no matter what. This is truly a saviour for dryness and I keep this in my bag at all times during the winter. The name fits perfectly with this product, because it is the Ultrabalm!

Have you tried this?
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