Lush Favourites #1

5 years ago

Hi everyone! I have decided to start a Lush Favourites series on here. The reason why I am starting this is because I know that many people are unsure what products to try when they visit Lush. I was like this when I was introduced to Lush. I am planning to share what my favourites are and will be giving my honest opinion/review on them.

First up would be the Celestial Facial Moisturizer. The description on the lid says: "At last, a vanilla, almond milk and dove orchid moisturizer for sensitive skin. Use this to soften and calm an easily irritated face and protect city skin against pollution." This container costs $23.95 and contains 45g.

-Wonderful for sensitive, dry and combination skin
-Light lovely scent of vanilla
-Lasts a long time; a little goes a long way (for me it lasts around 6 months or more)
-Improves complexion
-Not sticky
-Soothing and great for redness
-Doesn`t cause breakouts
-Absorbs fast

-Since I have combination skin, it becomes a little greasy where my T-zone is (mainly my nose)

These are my own personal experiences so they may or may not be exactly the same for others. I have tried other facial moisturizers from Lush, but they have caused me to breakout since I have very sensitive skin. Celestial works wonders on my skin. It has improved my complexion by soothing my irritated and dry spots. Since it`s very light, it does not cause breakouts and absorbs fast. When it comes to my T-zone, I use blotting sheets to dab the excess oils and remains fine after using one sheet. I would recommend Celestial to those with sensitive, dry or combination skin. If you are uncertain about this, ask for a sample and test it out. Currently this is my second container of Celestial and has become my Holy Grail moisturizer!

Have you tried this? What`s your favourite moisturizer?
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