Lush Caca Brun Mama Henna Review

4 years ago

So my last lush haul i got from the UK website and one of the most excited product i was waiting for was the lush henna. I was waiting so impatiently for this product and when it did come, i had to get my hair cut too >_<. So i had to wait another three days! That was a long wait XD but I went home after the hair cut and did my hair with this.

<strong>Lush product description</strong>:
"The most subtle of our hennas; choose Caca Brun for sleek, beautiful hair with rich, dark brown tones. Brunettes can use Caca Brun for its fantastic conditioning and shine inducing properties without seeing a drastic change to their natural color. Weve added nettles for added shine and to keep your scalp in tip top condition too. Because henna coats each individual hair, smoothing the cuticles and protecting it from damage, its the ultimate conditioning treatment. Hennaed hair is strong, glossy and absolutely gorgeous. "

Lush has very minial packaging to be a little more green. If you buy this in stores, it is usually not covered with anything and has just a cardboard thingy that says Lush caca _____. Mine came with plastic wrapping and a little label in the back but that was it.

There are six chunks and you don`t need to use all of it at the same time. For short hair, you only need about 1.5 and its still plenty. For longer hair, i`d say about three chunks. So you do get your money`s worth, espically if you buy this from the UK website.

When it is dry form, this is somewhat waxy to the touch. When you add hot liquid to it and melt it down, it feels very herbally. Ass you add it to your hair, your hair would turn somewhat nappy and its really hard to spread into your hair.

Okay, seriously don`t even get me started with the smell! If any of you have tried chinese medicine, you know how bitter tasting and smelling it is. It is really herbally and really gross. This smells exactly like that! Its really disguisting and you have to smell this for about an hour! Ughh just don`t... >_<. Maybe you might wanna stick up some tampons in your nose, it is really that bad.

1) Chop it up with a knife. Put it in a bowl.
2) Pour hot liquid into it. I used coffee hoping that it would give me more of the enhanced brown.
3) Stir until everything is melted and the consistency should be like yogurt.
4) Wearing gloves and covering your whole damn bathroom with paper, apply this to your hair.
5) Leave it in for 2.5 hours. Some people sleep with it overnight, some people lets it soak in their hair for six hours. Lush says 2.5 hours, so I just tried their suggestion.
6) After 2.5 hours, wash it out of your hair. This was a pain in the ass to wash off. The henna is herbs, so my bathtub looked like a horror film. The sides was all green, my tub was green, my body was green. Its disguting. I had to scrub so hard to get all the product out of my hair.
6) End product? Nothing....after all that trouble, I was hoping I`d get a least a little bit of brown but instead my hair was a flat black. Worst part is, you can`t dye it with chemical dyes after because that would just push the henna into the cord of your hairs and just make your hair super dark for a very long long time. So I`m stuck with this color until all my hair is renewed.

-stinks like nobody`s business
-super messing. When your applying it to your hair, little bits of it would flick into places (mirror, foot, sink, walls). Thats not good since it will stain if you don`t get rid of it fast.
-expensive in America for what its worth
-long waiting time
-can`t dye your hair with box colors if you don`t like the color

-none.....I really hate this product. Well there is this one, not damaging to the hair at least

-Canada & USA $25
-UK converted back to CDN $12

Overall I would not recommend this product if you already have dark hair and want a lighter color. It won`t really work that great. If you are blonde, I`ve heard that this will turn your hair green for a few days >_<. Who wants that?

*All pictures are mine*
-First two hair pictures are before and the last are after.
-The ones where I`m camwhoring is to show you my shakr fin :D
-You have a choice to cover your hair when your dying it. The heat is suppose to help with activating the color change. I just did that so I can watch tv without getting it without getting it on my couch. I just used a garbage bag, cheaper then using plastic wrap.

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