Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask

5 years ago

i had been wanting to try lush products for awhile.

so when i finally got a chance to go to a lush store, i knew immediately that i wanted to try their face masks. i love face masks.

the lady in the store was really nice and helpful and asked what i was looking for in a face mask and i told her my skin has been kind of dry and dull.

she suggested 2 face masks and put them both on the back of my hand. i immediately knew i wanted the bb seaweed one as soon as she put it on my hand.

when she rinsed both the face masks off i noticed the side of my hand that had the bb seaweed mask felt more refreshed and soft. so i knew for sure that was the one i wanted.

i can`t remember the name of the other mask she put on my hand but, it was very nice as well.

anyways, so on with the product itself.

so hence the name having seaweed in it, of course that is one of the ingredients in the mask, it also has aloe vera, and rose absolute.

i have now finished this tub completely (i took the pictures a couple days ago).

i feel i can give my full opinion on it. i will say firstly i LOVE it.

the face mask smells amazing, and feels refreshing on my face.

after using it my skin feels really nice and soft and just really refreshed and healthy.

word of caution, if you sometimes have blonde moments like i do. there is actual pieces of seaweed in the face mask. the first time i used the mask i forgot to pull the larger pieces of seaweed off my face before washing the mask off and i completely clogged up the drain in my sink. i felt like such an idiot! haha

i think out of this tub i got about 6 or 7 face masks, i can`t remember the exact amount.

i also can`t remember the exact price either, but i remember it was a little under $7. which i think is very reasonably priced. they are all natural fresh ingredients in it.

they also have to be kept in the fridge and they have a shelf life of about 22 days, which understandable because of the fresh natural ingredients.

all in all i think i may be on my way to becoming a lush addict!

i definitely will be getting more of their face masks in the future and probably some of their other products as well.

what are your favorite lush face masks? or lush products in general?

***pictures are my own.

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