LunchOTW- Pepperoni Pizza

4 years ago

My cousin brought home the dough *literally pizza dough get it? Okay D;*. We were all hungry and were about to start cooking but its great he came home in time before I managed to burn the house down. Ive forgotten where he purchased the pizza from but we did buy 2 boxes. It definitely was delicious and I liked how everything tasted. The crust was perfect not to chewy nor was it burnt. Yep, Im not great at describing food. Im definitely a plain person so I dont often like my pizza with mushrooms, pineapple, ect. This definitely is great to eat after not having pizza for over 6 months now. I took 2 slices but only managed to finish one since I was all hooked up on reading so I did eat it for dinner as well. Am I the only one who doesnt like my pizza microwaved if its put in the fridge?

<Strong> What do you think of my meal? Do you like pizza? What type of pizza do you like? Comment down below :)<strong>

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