LunchOTD: School`s Bisteak Lunch!

4 years ago

Today I didn`t go out to buy lunch but I bought the lunch at school and there`s usually two choices, between rice and a dish or some kind of sandwich. I had bisteak for lunch and as you can see from the picture, it`s a pretty decent amount for 75 cents a day. It came with lots of rice, bisteak and some peas, and some kind of locally grown vegetable. I never really eat the vegetables from the school cafeteria though cause they seem dull and not fresh. :/ Every meal also comes with a complimentary water and fruit. I had pears today after my lunch! :) Now you can see how the lunches in my school are like! The menu usually rotates, so it`s like almost the same few lunches every single year but it rotates unless it`s a special occasion like Thanksgiving then we have turkey, mash potatoes and pumpkin pie. :9 I ate most of my lunch today since I was so hungry and being a student, 75 cents is a good budget to spend on lunch everyday. What are the lunches at your school like? Is it similar to my school`s lunches or is it way different? :D

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