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4 years ago

My cousins came to visit me from South Carolina and Victoria. We went out to eat and decided to try somewhere new. We randomly chose a restaurant call Guu Izakaya. I thought it would be a typical japanese sushi restaurant but after we were given the menu, I was so wrong :/

<strong><em>What did I order?</em></strong>

Scallop Carpaccio
This dish was slices of raw scallops drizzled with a suuuper yummy spicy mayo sauce and topped with onions. I was never a fan of scallops but this dish got me thinking :P

Sashimi on crispy rice patty
Omggggg this was so good. I love salmon sashimi! It was also drizzled a spicy sauce which was perfectly mild. This was pretty much a spicy salmon roll, just served in a fancier way I guess LOL

SS Roll
This roll consists of smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, wasabi mayo, mango sauce and edamame. I love love love this sushi roll! All the different ingredients in this sushi roll complimented eachother really well. It was also the perfect amount of spicyness :)

Deep fried squid
This was good but I feel like you can get deep fried squids anywhere :/ but I really like the dipping sauce that it came with, it was a chipotle mayo sauce.

Everything was appetizer size and super pricey. I shared these dishes with my sister and cousin and all my guy cousins ordered their own food LOL all the food was delicious and the workers were super polite. Unfortunately, the bill came to $250 and we didn`t even order much. We ate again not long after -.- I would only go here for special occasions. I would love to go here more regularly but my wallet wouldn`t be able to handle that :(

<strong>What`s your favourite restaurant?</strong>

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