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4 years ago

So yesterday my son had surgery. We were told, depending on how things went/which method of getting to the site would determine if we`d be outpatient or if he`d end up having to stay. We were told to pack an overnight bag to be safe and that they`d put him in the system as needing a room (it is easier to schedule a room and later cancel rather than not setting up for a room and end up needing it). Well, when we got to talk to the doctor after his surgery, before we went to the recovery room... he had said it ended up being easy to get to and we could plan on him being released in a couple of hours, so long as he did well in recovery. WOOHOO! Uh uh... not to get excited too fast, cause kiddo didn`t go well in recovery. He stayed in his slumber yet would rouse to vomit. They said a couple of times is normal and okay but he went beyond that... by a lot... even after they changed his IVs with a different kind of nausea med. Soooo, we ended up needing that room. Well, by the time me and my husband got a chance to eat something it was nearly 3 pm and we had been awake since 4 am (had to be at the hospital at 6 am)... so you can imagine we were starving. The way that hospital`s meal system works is you can order your meal anytime, basically, and they`ll bring it to you (most have scheduled meal times that they make their rounds) and you get one entree, 2 sides, a dessert, and a drink. There was a little menu we were given to select each item. I ended up being something of a pig and selected a chicken sandwich for my entree with bread sticks & cheese and french fries for my sides. My dessert was a cheese cake and my drink was sweet iced tea. Yeah... totally healthy, huh. LOL! I didn`t care. I hadn`t eaten since dinner the night before and I was getting shaky from not eating.

The chicken sandwich was very good (though they were stingy with the mayo and only gave me one packet...mama likes lots of mayo). The bread sticks with cheese were good but not amazing. The fries were fine...but again, stingy with the ketchup (one packet, which lasts for like 3 fries, lol). The cheesecake was NOT good. It was like...whipped. It didn`t have the creamy texture of cheesecake. It was almost like a mousse. The iced tea was fine.. it is hard to mess that up.

Over all it is what is to be expected of hospital food. LOL... oy vey. I`m glad we are home now and I can eat some good meals that I make myself.

Thank you to those with kind words, well wishes, and keeping us in your thoughts. I really do appreciate it. He is doing much, much better and is actually getting hard to keep him on his bed rest. He want to hippity-hop around the house like a wild child.


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