Lunchables: BBQ Chicken Shakeups!

So, when I go shopping I usually stay away from kiddish food items, because I know that they`re overpriced simply because children usually get what they want! I used to be a kid, like all of us, and I know how much I would ask for something until I got it. Then at the end it wasn`t even worth it! Just overpriced junk.

Well my luuuxies, yesterday I happened to be grocery shopping and I came across some Lunchables: BBQ Shakeups! They were on sale from like three bucks ($3.00) down to seventyfive cents ($.75). So I got like five of them.

I tried some and I actually thought they would come with some sort of BBQ sauce, but that`s my fault for not really reading the entire box. It instead comes with a BBQ seasoning that you put in the little bag of chicken nuggets.

It was alright for $.75. I mean, honestly... it`s not worth any more than that. It`s just like five little chicken nuggets in a bag, a little chocolate jello thing, and a little juice. Doesn`t get you full at all.

The only thing is that you might really wanna watch out with that seasoning, if you eat it too late in the day it will give you heartburn! LOL! It WILL!

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