Lunch with a friend. Salads!

4 years ago

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Earlier this month, I met up with a friend of mine from work this past summer, and we went out to lunch.

Honestly, we walked around and couldn`t decide on what we wanted for a while, so we just walked into this random restaurant. Also, I have no idea what we ordered.
I do remember she ordered Cajun Chicken. Which is pictured on the right.

Mine is on the left. I have no idea what I ordered... it wasn`t that great. It had fried chicken in it, but it was a little soggy for my liking. Not crispy enough. It also had some really mushy pickled cabbage or something sprinkled on top. I did like the two slices of avocado on it though. But aside from that, it was just way too much for me, and I didn`t end up finishing it.

Overall, it was good, mostly cause I got to spend time with a really good friend of mine.

What do you think of the salads? Which one would you want to try?

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