Lunch: Tofu and Mushroom Burger

4 years ago

I really don`t remember when I made this but it`s been sitting in my luuux picture folder for a while and it`s definitely something I want to share. In my last food post I mentioned how I`ve been trying to eat healthier as well as cook more often. This is something I made about a week or two ago, <strong>Tofu Mushroom Burger</strong>

This is a very easy meal that I made for lunch and I had all the items already. During lent I gave up meat and I purchased a box of Boca Soy Burgers as a meat substitute if I ever was craving a burger during that time. I still have a good bit left because I bought a pretty big box and during that time I didn`t really want to cook.

First, I prepared all the ingredients! I seasoned the Tofu burger with a little bit of McCormick Season All. I minced half a clove of garlic, diced half of a small tomato, and sliced a mushroom. After all the preparation was done, I added a little bit of olive oil to a heated stove and about 30 seconds later I added the minced garlic. I let the garlic turn a little brown to add some flavoring to the burger and then placed the tofu burger on top. Once the burger looked about half way cooked which took about 4-5 minutes I added the mushrooms and flipped the burger. While waiting for the burger and mushrooms to finish. I placed two sliced of wheat bread into the toaster. Finally, once everything was done I placed all the ingredients together with a slice of low fat pepper jack cheese and a hand full of spring mix.

(You`re probably wondering why do cut up the tomatoes in dices...IDK why but I just can`t eat it sliced it has to be diced up for me to eat it. A weird habit/phobia (IDK what to call it) of mine.)

The burger was delicious and filling. The flavoring was just right for the meal to be enjoyable but not feeling too hearty. I also ate the burger with cucumber slices so that I can get some more greens into my diet.

<strong>Have you ever given up meat? What did you eat for lunch today?</strong>
>> Today I made myself a simple panini but I didn`t take a picture of it using turkey slices, onions, mushrooms, and low fat American cheese.

Hope you enjoy. Don`t forget to comment, rate, follow, and friend.

Picture belongs to Marlene D. Do not steal! =D

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