Lunch: Spicy Chicken Bowl Noodles

5 years ago

This is what I had for lunch today. I don`t eat these often, but I try to keep some kind of ramen/noodle style soups in the kitchen for times when I just don`t feel like making something from scratch or left overs from the dinner the night before don`t sound appealing. Today, I`m not feeling very well so this was something semi-light and quick to make.

I had never tried this particular one before but a couple of weeks ago while doing my grocery shopping I was going down the "international aisle" and spotted these bowls. They only had a couple to choose from and so I picked up just the spicy chicken and a spicy seafood one.

I have to say, it was pretty darn good. It was a lot of soup, though... more than I could eat in a single sitting. The Maruchan ramen brand ones have about half the amount so those are only one meal.. but this was surprisingly large. I had to split it into two servings.

It was easy to make... you simply add water to the bowls fill line and toss into the microwave for 3 minutes. It says to let it sit for an additional one minute to allow the noodles to fully soften. I ended up adding some chopped up green onions to mine. It did already have some in it, but I always add more green onions to my soups like this. I really enjoy the flavor they give.

The soup was spicy, but not to the point where my mouth was on fire. It more so heated the back of the throat. It was good, though. This is one I`d get again. My only complaint is that there weren`t many choices of flavors available.


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