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4 years ago

Hey lovely luuuxers, I just recently arrived back home from Louisiana last Friday.While there I got to eat one of my favorite foods. I left my home in Texas to come and visit some of my family members in Louisiana yesterday. I am originally from Monroe, Louisiana and I lived there for the first eight years of my life. I only get to come home for the holidays and every once in a while in the summer. My mom decided to take time off ,so that we could visit! Every time we come to Louisiana I always beg her to buy crawfish for lunch usually she would say no because most of the time when we traveled we would take my stepdad and some of his family member. Since they aren`t originally from Louisiana they never ate crawfish growing up like me, so they usually would say that they don`t like it or they don`t know exactly how to eat. Because of this my mother would never buy any mainly because she felt that we should eat something everyone liked. Lucky this time around just my uncle, aunt, mother, and I only went on the trip this time and we all love crawfish! We went to this little crawfish shack called Riverside Coney Island in our home town around 1:00 when it opened. While there we ordered 10 pounds of crawfish that was split between me my mom, and grandmother. The total was $48.84 including drinks the crawfish at this shack in my opinion is the best crawfish you can get in my hometown! The crawfish there is very inexpensive for just 4.88 you can get 1 pound. Although they were short staffed costumer service was pretty good the waitress was really nice considering that she basically had to work for like 20 people all on her own. The only thing that I disliked about my lunch at Coney Island is that one of the people sitting next to me found live crawfish inside theyre food which kind of ruined my lunch mood because I thought that I was going to find one in my basket! which didnt happen btw everyone managed to laugh at the live crawfish and continued eating after setting it free. Overall the crawfish was really good they had the right amount of spices add and I ended up going home with few pounds, so if youre ever in Monroe, Louisiana and youre in the mood for some crawfish feel free to stop by Riverside Coney Island!

Lunch time Questions!

  1. Have you ever had crawfish? Whats your favorite sea food

  2. what did you eat for lunch?


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