Lunch: Red Lobster

4 years ago

Today, part of my family got together and had lunch at Red Lobster. I haven`t been there in a while but I usually only go if they have a special promotion going on....because it can get expensive and the quality of the seafood is not the best you can get.

I ordered the Shrimp Linguini Alfredo which is probably the entree I order the most. I ordered the lunch portion but it was still big. I was barely able to finish it! lol

Of course you get the free biscuits as a side and I LOVE these. I think I ate 3 of them....I could have eaten more but I stopped myself. :)

My entree came with a salad and I ordered it with Caesar dressing because I remembered the Caesar dressing being good the last time I ate here...but it was SOOOO thick! I decided not to use it and eat my salad plain, which I do a lot too. I have a thing about eating fruit and vegetables that are already cut up....I don`t like eating it unless I know that 1) I`ve cut up the fruit/vegetables 2) I know the restaurant is VERY clean 3) I know the restaurant uses fresh fruit/veggies and not prepackaged stuff. So therefore, I did not eat the cucumbers and tomatoes in the salad. I can`t stand thinking that someone`s fingers was all over it...even if they did use gloves. lol

Overall, I had a great time because I was with family and because I stuffed myself! :)

**all photos are mine**

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