Lunch: Ramen

4 years ago

I usually don`t like to eat ramen noodles unless there is absolutely nothing else to eat. That was the case yesterday. There was absolutely nothing in my house to eat because everyone has been too busy to buy groceries. I was home alone for lunch, so I decided to make ramen!

I added mushrooms, zucchini and an egg (only the egg white) to make it taste more appetizing. I also cut up a slice of seaweed at the end.

I used the Nong Shim brand Shin Ramen. I`ve noticed that recently the soup base keeps getting spicier and spicier. Maybe it`s just me, but it seems like there is less flavor and just the heat of the spice. lol This is the only ramen that was in my pantry so I just ate it. I like my ramen noodles slightly undercooked. I hate soggy noodles!

I haven`t had ramen in a while so it was quite satisfying. Thank goodness my family is going grocery shopping no more ramen! lol

**all photos are mine**

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