Lunch of the Week- Nem Nuong Spring Rolls

4 years ago

We have a very famous spring roll restaurant near us and the line to get some Spring Rolls is always long but the efforts weigh out in the end since these are amazing! Im not sure what the sauce is called, but it is great to pair with these spring rolls. There is pieces of egg rolls in this spring roll so it gives a nice crunch when you bit into it so its better when its hot then put in the fridge after few hours the egg-rolls are not as crunchy. The meat portion is called Nam Neung in Vietnamese so Im not sure what it is called in English so my apologizes for lack of Viet-English translation :P. The spring rolls are wrap with 2 pieces of the rice paper so you dont have to worry about the spring rolls breaking on you when you give it a bite. Each roll is a 1.25 so Its more on the pricey side but they do fill you up for quite a while. Overall, I definitely would be returning to the restaurant.

<Strong> Do you like Spring Rolls? Have you tried the Nam Neung ones? Would you like yours with egg roll crisp? Comment down below :)<Strong>
-P.S School`s been making my time disappear so I`m sorry I won`t be able to comment to your post as often, but I do hope to manage to do so during the weekends D: I`ve also accumulated enough points for the IPod as well :)! I can`t wait to order it and give it a try hopefully the shop works soon in the mean-time Happy Luuuxing!

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