Lunch of the day: My high school years salad!

5 years ago

If you have been reading a few of my posts now, you would know that I want to start eating more healthy. Im in college now, but something about high school that I miss are the salads that they were doing at the cafeteria.

My high school rebuilted the cafeteria and decided to change the menu for something a lot healthier. They added a salad counter, a panini counter, a pasta counter and it was delicious! You could choose whatever you wanted to add into what you wanted to eat. I usually went for the salads, not because I didnt want paninis ot pastas, but because the line was alway the shortest there. But I have to tell you guys, the salads were DELICIOUS!

You started off with a spring mix salad. The lady was doing it for you. She asked you to choose vegetables you had to put 3 to 5 different vegetables in your salad. I always put cucombers, green pepper, white mushrooms and shredded carrots. Then, you hat to choose 2 sources of proteins there was chicken, eggs, feta cheese and shredded cheddar. Most of the time, I went for feta cheese and shredded cheddar. Then she asked you if you wanted to add croutons, fried noodles or dried bacou could then choose your dressing.

I decided to re-do this salad today, and it was so yummy! I topped it with a dried sun tomatoes and oregon dressing. DELISH! I really recommend you try it out, and if you do, please tell me your thoughts! :)

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