Lunch of the Day: Chicken Walnut Salad

5 years ago

This is one of the best salads ever! I got this for free at Pizza My Heart because I completed my stamp card, which gives you one free pizza slice, a salad, and a soda, but I always just get them separately because you`d be surprised how filling a salad is. I could only finish half of this. The salad is $5.75 normally, but I think that`s expensive considering how much less expensive it would be to make it at home.

This is Pizza My Heart`s Chicken Walnut Salad. It has candied walnuts, balsamic dressing, chicken, spinach, and blue cheese. I love all the ingredients in this salad, especially the blue cheese, it tastes really delicious when you pour the dressing, close the lid, and toss the salad a little. The dressing makes the blue cheese taste really good! The candied walnuts are a good balance of sweetness to the salad because the chicken is salty and the balsamic dressing is sour/savory. I just think all the ingredients balance each other out in some way, making this one of the best salads I`ve had.

I plan and making this at home myself because it`s really simple if you think about it. For the chicken, just use the fajita strips from Safeway, and all the other ingredients could also be purchased at Safeway, and all you would have to do is toss them together. I`d probably throw in some tangerine slices or blueberries as well.

I highly recommend this salad (:

<strong>What`s your favorite salad dressing?


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