Lunch of the Day - California Maki (sushi)

5 years ago

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This is actually from Friday, but I didn`t upload it from my phone until later today.

So I`ve been having the biiiggest sushi craving. I haven`t actually gone for sushi since... November?

My cravings are off and on, but a couple of days ago, they were sooo strong. I had brought my own lunch to school, but I honestly couldn`t take it. I wanted sushi so badly!

I could have gone to an all you can eat downtown, but I needed to get some studying done for two midterms this coming week. So instead, I opted for the next best thing. Sushi from the school.
California maki is one of the cheaper lunch boxes available. I wanted Unagi (eel) but it was 10$+ for 10 pieces! $1 each? No thanks... I just wanted some to satisfy my craving. I went with California maki instead, since it was $6.99. Came to $7.90 altogether. They were really cheap with the wasabi too! Not enough for all my ten pieces. Good thing they provided extra soy sauce for us to take. One packet wouldn`t be enough either.

So anyway, onto the actual meal. It was alright... but definitely wasn`t amazing. This was actually the first time I had bought Sushi from the school, and will definitely be my last. It wasn`t worth it. Especially for the price. I would much rather go to all you can eat, and have a larger variety to choose from.
I should have known, since the school food was never amazing to begin with, but my craving was too strong. It satisfied for a bit. I need to go for some good sushi sometime soon!

What is your favourite sushi?

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