Lunch: Norton`s Deli Inspired

5 years ago

A few nights ago I was laying in bed watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and Guy was at a place in California called Norton`s Deli. One of the dishes he showed was their Famous Pastrami Dog. It had a hot dog, sauerkraut, pastrami, and swiss cheese. It looked DELICIOUS! So, I took note of the ingredients they mentioned and made sure to pick them up to try it at home.

Side note: yes, I watch Food Network... quite often, actually. I have loved to watch it since I was a teen... like 14 and on. I like to try out the recipes I see and when I can`t sleep, it helps me fall asleep... not because I find it boring, but because I find it relaxing. Kind of like some people like to watch others paint.. I like watching people chop up food, lol!

ANYWAY! I`m sure mine doesn`t taste like it would at Norton`s, but it was good all the same. This is something my husband refused to eat, so I had it for lunch while he was at work. LOL! He HATES sauerkraut. I adore it. I grew up eating it, so I`m fond of it. My husband says he wants to puke when he thinks of it, so I have only had it maybe twice the entire time we have known each other and I`ve been cooking our meals.

All I did was heat up the hot dog and then place it in the bun. Then, in a skillet (I think they cooked on a flat top grill on the show) I heated through some sauerkraut and the pastrami (I chopped it up a bit first). Once the sauerkraut and pastrami was heated, I laid a piece of swiss cheese over the top and put a lid on the skillet so it would melt down. It only took a couple of moments. Then, I scooped it all up out of the pan and plopped it over the hot dog.

NOM NOM NOM! It was good. And, I still have a huge jar of sauerkraut left for eating with sausage or other hot dogs if I want.. or all by itself with a side of mashed potatoes. Mmm!

Have you ever eaten at Nortons? If so, have you ever tried their pastrami dog? Do you like to eat sauerkraut?

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