Lunch: Lo Mein

5 years ago

Eating MSG food isn`t the healthiest but it is still so tasty. Even though places that says No Msg on it, I bet they still have it even if it`s just a little bit. Living where I live, there are so many street carts selling noodles, fish balls, chicken, shiskabobs, and all these type of food you can imagine people making at restaurants. The competition for these street carts must be crazy since there are just so many around my area.

Anyways, I purchased noodles called <strong>Lo Mein</strong> in cantonese which is very tasty. It only cost $1.25 which is pretty cheap. I still remember when they use to cost only a buck. It is stir-fried with bean sprouts, carrots and some onions. It is tasty and filling for a lunch =)

<em>What did you have for lunch today?
Have you tried Lo Mein before?</em>

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