Lunch: Hot Roast Beef Salad

4 years ago

This is what I had for lunch yesterday and today. I havent really had to cook dinner in a few days, so since weve been out and about (going out to dinner, going to familys house, eating leftovers) Ive been looking for quick and simple lunches. Since the leftovers are gone, I opted to go with a simple salad with pita bread (not pictured) as I typically like to have. But since we had a pound of roast beef in the fridge, so since my boyfriend wasnt eating it, I decided Id make a hot roast beef salad similar to what one of my local roast beef shop sells. Why buy it if I can make the same thing at home? I have this thing with roast beef I CANNOT eat it cold something about it being bloody and cold. Newp. So I heat it thru on the stove. In New England hot roast beef sandwiches/salads are the thing but they are roasting up whole beefs and then slicing them up on a deli meat slicer. Anyway!

I had my staple salad, topped with red onion slices, then topped with the hot roast beef. I then topped the roast beef with hot roast beef BBQ sauce which I had mixed with horseradish. Sooooo good! It was funny, I put my salad together and before I could even take a bite and then as I was eating it a number of my coworkers commented on how good my salad looked.

Do you like hot roast beef sandwiches and/or salads?
Have you ever tried hot roast beef sandwiches/salads?

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