Lunch: Frozen Pizza

4 years ago

it`s been a very long time since i`ve had frozen pizza. it`s something my family used to have a lot for convenience, but we don`t have it much anymore since it`s just generally not too good for you. i try to avoid pizza entirely nowadays, but i still have it from time to time and i choose to have fresh pizza made with fresh ingredients, usually homemade by me.

however, my mom had this pizza in the freezer and we weren`t too hungry so we didn`t want to put too much effort into fixing up lunch so we just made this.

it was surprisingly really good! frozen pizza has come a long way since the totino`s kind i used to have lol! it had lots of italian sausage, which is my favorite pizza meat topping. the meat didn`t taste funky either, and that was a complaint i always had about frozen pizza. score!

my sister came home from school and finished it off. she liked it as well!

do you ever have frozen pizza from the grocery store for a meal?

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