Lunch from The Toaster Oven

5 years ago

i had this beastly sandwich from the toaster oven for lunch today! if you haven`t heard of the toaster oven, you`re probably not from the bay area! (and even if you are, it`s a fairly new chain i believe with not that many locations, so it`s not that popular.) it`s basically like subway in terms of price and food. but it`s called the toaster oven, and that`s so much cuter than subway!! LOL

i ordered just a plain turkey sandwich, no cheese, mayo, and all my veggies. as you can see in the picture, when you ask for veggies, THEY GIVE YOU VEGGIES! oh my goodness the veggies were overflowing out of the sandwich, and because there was especially a lot of shredded lettuce, eating my sandwich was quite a messy ordeal. i asked for jalapenos, which is something new i`ve been trying with my sandwiches lately, and i really liked the kick it added to the sandwich!

overall, it was a pretty good sandwich! i mean i`m not too picky about my sandwiches because they can only be so good or so bad. the bread was toasted perfectly though, which is always something i like!

have you heard of the toaster oven?

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