Lunch for the day: Season`s!

4 years ago

As some may of seen in one of my previous posts, i mentioned a pizza place called Seasons around my area. Most of the pizza restaurants i know of and have been to can do pizza well but the rest of the menu isnt as delicious. Well this restaurant has not let me down! I was tempted to get a stromboli again as i did last time since it was sooo yummy, but i love to try new & different things. Seasons has different foods aside from just pizza, they have paninis, salads, subs, lots of sides/appetizers, pastas, even a little seafood (maybe one day ill have the courage to try their seafood). This time i went for Quesadillas!!! They only have chicken ones for about $7. Since it was in the appetizers i thought it would be a small portion, so i wanted to get something additional, i reallllllyyyyy wanted chilli. I havent had chilli in sooo long and i love it! But it was almost $5 and when the guy showed me the cup it came in it was just not worth it for me. So i quickly just ordered cheese fries. I thought that they would be fries with cheese baked on top, but it turns out to just be nacho cheese on the side. They were still delicious, very crunchy and i got a lot for about $5. The quesadillas had lots of chicken and lots of cheese, and as shown the lettuce, tomato, and sour cream are on the side along with salsa. I tend to be a really hard critic with spanish food being that i`m hispanic, but this was trully delicious! I had so many fries that i shared with my mom and her friend and i still had leftovers to bring home. And i only ate half of the quesadilla; but DONT worry guys, ill definately be indulging in the other half + the rest of the fries later on. I truly wish that there were a Seasons in every city of every state because their food is truly good!!

-What restaurant has the best quesadillas in your opinion?
**Picchas is mine, pleaseee dont steal!

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