Lunch: Combination Sandwich

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Today for lunch, I went to Lee`s Sandwich again. I decided to order the Combination saandwich just because I forgot what it tasted like. The last time I ate this sandwich was probably a year ago because I have been eating the BBQ Pork sandwich a lot. The combination sandwich is alright. I think I would have liked it better if it didn`t have any pâté in the sandwich. They had spreaded pâté all over the inside of the bread like it was mayo. I would have preferred it if instead of pâté, they used their famous yellow mayo. Their yellow mayo is basically just a mixture of egg yolk with mayo. Lee`s Sandwiches even sells their yellow mayo for those who like to make their own sandwiches but I never bought it because its not the most healthiest thing and having a big container of it is never good since its probably high in cholesterol. Okay onto the actual combination sandwich! if you never been to Lee`s Sandwiches or had their combination sandwich, then its pretty much cold cuts like sliced pork with peppers, slick pork loaf, cilantro, jalapenos, pickled carrots and daikon. I used to like eating this sandwich when I was a little kid but now, I don`t really like the meat in this sandwich that much. Its an alright sandwich but I had better. if you are not a fan of pâté, then I would definitely not reccommend this sandwich for you.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever been to Lee`s Sandwiches before? Have you ever tried the Combination sandwich before? ==================================================================
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