Lunch: Chinese food!

4 years ago

i went to lunch with my mom and sister today and we decided to go to our favorite chinese restaurant. literally every time we go, we order the same things: salt and pepper shrimp, mongolian beef, house special fish fillet. we wanted to try something new today so that`s exactly what we did!

for the three of us, we only needed two dishes. i like variety but honestly the portions are so big that we didn`t need any more food than this. i don`t like taking home leftovers from chinese restaurants either so i prefer to eat as much of the food at the restaurant. when you take it home and reheat it, all the oil separates out and it gets kinda nasty :/

anywho, we ordered satay beef and the house special chicken this time. still had to get something house special because it`s so damn good. i know that "house special" doesn`t tell you anything about the restaurant unless i actually tell you the name of the restaurant, but sadly it`s a very local place! my best attempt at describing the dish: savory with a hint of sweetness and spice. it`s perfect! the chicken is fried and then covered with a sauce.

we really enjoyed the satay beef as well. it wasn`t that different from the mongolian beef though, to be honest. i don`t really care though!! it was yummy :)

what kinds of dishes do you like to order at chinese restaurants? do you also fall into a bit of a rut and order the same thing over and over?

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