Lunch: Chicken Tenders amp Fries

5 years ago

mondays don`t just suck because they`re the beginning of the school week... it`s also probably the most ridiculous day scheduling-wise for me! i have four classes and an hour break between EACH of them, so that`s three one-hour breaks! i`ll admit they`re quite awkward. sometimes i`ll walk back to my dorm and sometimes i`ll stay on campus but either way, those hours kinda get lost somewhere along the way...

anywho, i had to fit in a quick lunch break because my stomach was growling throughout my econ class. when i got to the cafe though, it was packed full of people -_-

normally, i`d stand in line for a sandwich but the line was SO LONG and so i decided to go to the other line that sells burgers and fries and stuff. even though it`s unhealthier, i figured it would be better than going another two hours on an empty stomach!

i ordered chicken tenders and fries. i ate half of them and then i had to go to class and i had the rest as a snack in the afternoon during another one of my awkward gaps.

oh, to be a college student!

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