Lunch: Chicken Strips amp Noodles

4 years ago

i heated up some leftover noodles from dinner a few nights ago and added some chicken strips. the chicken strips are the foster farms ones from costco. my mom got them last week since she had a coupon for them. we actually got them once before and said we wouldn`t get them ever again because last time we got them, they were SO SALTY. we forgot this though... lol... so we got them again! they`re still salty. it`s such a shame because the bag says they aren`t treated with anything and they`re perfectly great chicken strips, but i don`t know why the hell they added so much salt to them! now we`re not quite sure how we`re gonna eat the entire bag.

anywho, i guess since the noodles were plain and kinda bland, the saltiness was okay, but it was still a little overwhelming. i might try boiling the chicken and having it with pasta a few times to see if i can boil the salt out of it and into the pasta or something haha

what did you have for lunch today?

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