Lunch: Chicken Souvlaki

5 years ago

a new greek restaurant opened up near where i live, and i decided to check it out on my way home from class today. i ordered the chicken souvlaki wrap, which is something i`ve really been getting into a lot lately. it`s chicken wrapped in pita and topped with tzatziki sauce, which is a sauce made with yogurt. sounds gross but i promise it`s awesome!

i have to admit i`m kinda disappointed. when i got my order, i was sad because it was so small :( and it wasn`t cheap either! i think around $4... i mean in a college town it`s pretty unacceptable because i can go to any other place that sells good food with huge portions at a low price!

the wrap itself was okay BUT i`m very disappointed they chose not to include more veggies. i think they might have included a little bit of lettuce but of all the things to put in their wrap, they added FRENCH FRIES. who does that?! i mean the chicken and tzatziki sauce were good and the pita was nice and soft, but everything else was such a fail -_-

i might come back again and try something else. i saw some people eating fries, which i think are "greek fries" and maybe i`ll come back and try those sometime... they were topped with feta or something and they looked kinda yummy. but definitely no more souvlaki wraps from here for me! what a bust :|

i sure hope you had a better lunch than i did!

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