Lunch: Chicken Salad Bagel Sandwich

4 years ago

this is the amazing sandwich i had for lunch today. it`s from a local place that i`ve missed dearly since going away to college. i used to go to this place every week during high school and it was just such a joy to see the employees there! i`m pretty sure they recognized me after a while LOL

anywho, this is the chicken salad bagel sandwich. you can choose what kind of bagel you want and i got the whole wheat bagel. bagels aren`t that good for you so i figure i might as well go with something a little healthier like whole wheat, ya know?

the sandwich was a little over $5 which some people may consider pretty expensive because i`m sure chicken salad is easy to make. all you need to make this is really a bagel, some lettuce, tomato, red onion, and chicken salad. but i don`t know... this place just does it so well!

it`s not really too expensive for me though because i can only eat half of it in a sitting. i think it`s the bagel but there`s something about this sandwich that makes it ridiculously filling. my mom and i split it for lunch and we were both very satisfied :)

have you ever had a bagel sandwich?

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