Lunch | Chicken amp White Rice

4 years ago

Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I were out shopping again and of course, he was the first to get hungry. Since we were shopping at the mall, we decided to hit up the food court. This was actually a while back, maybe around a few weeks ago. We didn`t know what to get but saw a place with a long line so we decided to give that a try since it seemed like a lot of people were liking their food since people were lining up to order. I don`t remember the actual name of the place but if I even find out or remember, I will try to update this post. Its actually a japanese place that serves beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp. I of course, wanted to try out the chicken since it looked like a lot of people were ordering that. It was our first time trying out their food and let me just say, that they cook their food pretty fast since they cook it on very high heat. Plus you get to see them cook the food right in front of you. Pretty fast service but I do have one bad thing to say is that one of the employees was a bit rude to me, which I didn`t like. He was the only non-japanese person working there and to get my attention, he said Ni-hao to me. I thought that was a bit offensive because first off, I am not Chinese and he shouldn`t assume that I am just because I am Asian. Plus if my boyfriend hadn`t paid for our food, I would have left the food and not even pay. Thats how pissed off I was at him. Okay enough of my little rant and now onto the food. I just ordered the chicken and white rice. Their food was inexpensive, which was probably why there was such a long line. The chicken was alright but not my favorite. Its something okay to order if you are in a hurry but if you have time, I wouldn`t reccomend it. I will probably not go back to that place, especially if that idiotic employee is working there. Definitely let me know, if you guys feel the same or if I was just overreacting. My boyfriend actually thought it was a bit rude too so I was glad that it wasn`t just me but I want to know what you guys think!
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