Lunch: Carne Asada Burrito With Side Dishes

4 years ago

Hey everyone! If you saw my previous post, then you would know that my boyfriend took me to a Mexican restaurant because I was having my weird cravings for a burrito again. I don`t know why but those cravings always pop up at the weirdest moments and no I am not preggers. LOL I just like eating burritos from time to time. If I could eat a burrito everyday without gaining any unwanted weight, I totally would eat it. Since my boyfriend took me out for lunch, I knew that I wanted a carne asada burrito because those are my favorite! I am just happy this we went to a better place that knew how to make burritos unlike the other place where they just made my burrito with carne asada meat and nothing else. Yes thats right, my burrito was just filled with carne asada. When I ordered my buritto, I always make sure to ask for one without any beans because I hate beans. Our dishes also came with a side of tortilla chips with some salsa. I ordered some sour cream as well and I really liked how this restaurant did their sour cream. As you can see from my picture, they made the sour cream in a little tiny tortilla bowl. It was so cute and reminded me of soft serve ice cream in a small waffle bowl. Overall, the burrito was definitely yummy and fulfilled my craving, for now...
QUESTIONS: Do you like eating carne asada burritos? What do you think of how they served their sour cream? ==================================================================





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