Lunch: Carne Asada Burrito

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I don`t know why but I have been craving for Mexican food so much lately. The one thing that I wanted to eat was a carne asada burrito. The first burrito that I tried was somewhere in San Pedro and its far from where I live. It was the best burrito that I had ever tried. Since then, I have been wanting to get a similar burrito. Because I was craving for a burrito and was bothering my boyfriend nonstop talking about burritos and how delicious they are, he finally cracked to took me to one. In my area, there aren`t many places that sell burritos unless you get them from those taco trucks. I never order food from those taco trucks because first, the ones in my area never get inspected by the health inspector. I know I am just weird. Since I was craving for a carne asada burrito, my boyfriend took me to a place that he had heard of from some of his friends. He said that they had the some decent tacos. I didn`t care about the tacos! I just wanted my burrito! Haha! I love carne asada so I knew for sure that I wanted a carne asada burrito. I was a bit dissapointed when I got this burrito. As you can see in my picture, my burrito was FILLED with carne asada. I didn`t know that that was how they made their burritos but if you wanted rice and any of the other stuff that normally comes with a burrito, you had to pay extra. I wish they had told me that before instead of thinking that I knew. I was so tried by the time I got to the middle. There was just too much meat. I definitely would not be going back there again.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had a burrito FILLED with carne asada? Whhat do you like putting in your burritos? ==================================================================
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