Lunch: Boudin!

4 years ago

i spend the bulk of my year in the bay area, but when i`m home in southern california, i get that random craving for boudin. you know, good ol` clam chowder and sourdough bread. ironically, i didn`t have any clam chowder or sourdough bread today lol

i ended up ordering the chicken and chipotle aioli sandwich. AMAZING! there was avocado in there. +236578235 points! the aioli was super flavorful. i thought the sandwich would be hot, but it was actually cold. boo! it was ridiculously steamy today out though, so i actually realized in hindsight that i was so much happier it was cold. i`d definitely recommend this sandwich! go get it... now!!!

i ordered a salad on the side, by the way. so proud of myself for asking for it instead of the chips. you should`ve seen my face when the woman at the cashier asked if i wanted chips or a salad. the old me would`ve screamed "CHIPS, OF COURSE!" but the new me is smooth and in control. "i would like the salad, please!"

have you ever been to boudin? are you going to try this sandwich? :)

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