LUNCH : Avocado Sandwich

4 years ago

photo is mine, please do not take.

Well if you dont know, Luuux time is much different here in Canada, so i really didnt skip a day if youre wondering... it is still the 7th, but i guess it is a whole new day, meaning i lost a day of posting or getting points!

Anyways! For lunch the other day, i decided to try something totally different. I saw it on this website, and it looked delicious, and mmm it was! I love avocados, so i really wanted a chance to use them because i didnt have time to get the rice for Sushi.
So basically, it is called the open-avocado sandwich, and basically you spread goat cheese or cheese on the bread, but i used herb&garlic cream cheese and cut slices of avocado and place them on! Haha, really simple and easy to make. I really liked it, the avocado added some flavour and texture to the sandwich and it was good too! It was pretty filling, haha but i was hungry, so it was a good lunch!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine

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