Lunch at McDonalds


Okay, so I know that McDonalds is like SUPER unhealthy for you, but I had this sudden craving for fast food. I don`t know why, but I knew I really wanted to have McDonalds. I don`t usually go out, or go to fast food places that often. Maybe a few times a year, but only as a treat once in a while (which I think is perfectly fine).

So I guess this was one of those days, and since McDonalds happened to be like 3-4 blocks away, why not? Well, as soon as I walked in their, I found love. Even the smell of it was soooo delicious! I couldn`t wait to get my food! I went with a close friend of mine, so it was also fun, because I could chat with someone.

I decided to order a Double Cheeseburger with the usual - fries and a coke. And I was VERY satisfied after that. I can say that it was one of the most delicious moments ever! Although it`s unhealthy... Well, YOLO, right? LOL :)

I don`t go there too too often, so I decided it would be okay once in a while for a treat! Yes, it`s TERRIBLE for you, but I`m sure having it once in a while won`t harm you! What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger, right? :)

Anyways, now iH ave some questions for you guys...

1. Do you like McDonalds?
2. What is your favorite meal from there?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)

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