Lunch at H-Mart!

5 years ago

While on my lunch break I popped into H-Mart, not to have lunch, but to shop. I ended up doing both. If you would like to see what I purchased at H-Mart, you can /viz/h-smart-snack-haul Now how did I end up having lunch at H-Mart? Well, while walking around the produce section, buying up the store (trust I would have purchased more than I did if I didn`t see someone) I spotted my dads girlfriend over in the food court area. I was taken back that a grocery store had a food court and while trying to see if Bahn Mi were on any menus I saw my dads GF. I walked over to say hello to her and she ended up inviting me to have lunch with her and a coworker of hers. She had ordered this massive plate of food, so she got up and got me a bowl and some utensils and had me eat with them. I had a small bowl full and it was very good. I am not a seafood fan and she had ordered a seafood pasta dish, which was in a spicy chili sauce. The sauce wasn`t terribly spicy at first, but with each bite, my mouth was slowly becoming an inferno. From what I could tell, the pasta had shrimp, mussels and clams in it. I just kind of ate around the seafood and had a few forkfuls of pasta before calling it a day. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the name of this dish because I did not order it, but I do know it wasn`t badly priced. I think she said it was like $9 for the gigantic plate.
QUESTION: Have you ever eaten at H-Mart? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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