Lunch at Duchess Bake Shop

4 years ago

After having a horrible first macaron experience I decided to head over to Duchess Bake Shop today with my friend Connie for lunch and to pick up some baked goodies including macarons. We got there shortly before 9:45am and there was already 2 families waiting outside the doors for them to open at 10:00am. As time grew closer and closer to the 10:00am mark more and more people came. There were probably about 2 dozen people lined up outside before they opened this morning lol. We both picked up the vegetarian tartine (open faced sandwich) which had artichoke hearts covered in a light sauce on a warm slice of bread with a hard crust which I love <3 hard crusts on bread. We also got the wild cream of mushroom soup. This was a lot lighter in the sense it isn`t like your thick creamier type of mushroom soup, however that doesn`t mean that it was healthier because I could see that there was butter either from the croutons or from the soup. It was a rich and delicious soup with an ample amount of wild mushroom on the bottom. It was a light enough early lunch that I still had energy to go running for an hour afterwards and not just putz around at home, but I am sure I would`ve felt that way if I ate the pastries I bought lol.

Me and Connie did pick up pastries and a few macarons before leaving and lucky for us when we lined up when we did because I picked up 2 salted caramel macarons and she picked up 1 and there were 2 left and then none after the lady that was behind us by 2 people snagged them. I will make a separate post on the pastries I picked up since they are still sitting in the fridge. I wish I could`ve took more photos, but the line moved so fast it was like a conveyor belt since they are well staffed which is good because no one ever wants to wait long.

When was the last time you visited a bakery?
Have you had a tartine before?

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