Lunch at Disneyland!

4 years ago

i went to disneyland on sunday and this was the lunch i had in the park. i happened to be in the new orleans square area at the time since we had just gotten off splash mountain. i remember eating at one of the restaurants there a long time ago. originally i was gonna walk all the way back to the plaza inn and get their fried chicken meal since it`s so darn tasty but i didn`t know if the lines would be long and i didn`t want to walk all the way over there just to wait in a long line and struggle to find a seat, plus i don`t really fancy fried foods anymore.

we ended up going to the french market restaurant. i ordered the plantation citrus chicken meal. i was really shocked by how small the serving was. my food was $13 or $14 and i got one chicken quarter that wasn`t even that big -_- it came with mashed potatoes, veggies, and some cornbread. for some reason, i wasn`t very hungry when we had lunch and i really could`ve gone without eating but since everyone was sitting down for lunch, i figured i might as well get some food in me. that`s the only reason why the small portion didn`t bug me more.

the chicken was okay. it wasn`t exceptional. i could taste the citrus. it was juicy but there wasn`t a lot of meat. the mashed potatoes were also okay. i don`t believe they serve their mashed potatoes with gravy either -_-

- the cornbread was cold. i felt like it was a little soggy on the outside too, like it was hot at one point and was left on a plate and the part that was on the plate was wet with condensation. it wasn`t crisp on the outside. overall, it just wasn`t good!
- the veggies were beyond bitter. i have no idea what they were and i thought it was zucchini but all i know is that it was inedible! it was that bitter. i ended up eating the carrot sticks in my sister`s kids meal for veggies instead.

disneyland needs to get their sh*t together when it comes to their food! i didn`t take photos of the rest of my meals during my two days at disneyland & california adventure but i can assure you they weren`t the most pleasing.

what have your experiences been like with food at theme parks?

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