Lunch at Dave amp Busters

4 years ago

<strong>Who doesn`t love food?</strong> Hehe, I sure know that I do love food :) Today, as I mentioned in my previous post, my mom took my brother, sister, and me to the mall to go to Dave & Busters because they had half-price on food and games as a special Fourth of July sale thing! We thought that it was an amazing deal because half-off is quite a lot of money off so we decided to take opportunity of the deal and went. We started off by eating lunch before anything else because food is definitely the most important part LOL!

For lunch, I ordered a fire-grilled salmon dish with fried rice and spinich on the side. The salmon was FANTASTIC and I finished it within 10 minutes because it was delicious! My mom and sister helped me, of course. We only ordered 2 dishes because none of us can eat a lot so between us 4 people, we shared 2 dishes. My sister ordered a dish of 4 mini cheeseburgers that were actually really good! Ahaha, its too bad I didn`t get a picture >.<

After our lunch, we had this HUGE dessert that was basically called Chocolate Fondue, I believe. The second and third pictures feature this dessert, I believe. We all shared it because it was so big! There were 2 huge slices of brownies along the bottom and then between the two brownies was whip cream with hazelnuts and caramel. Then on the brownies, there were 2 scoops of ice cream! It was SO good and we finished it in less than 5 minutes xP My cute little brother didn`t eat any though, because he went early to go to the arcade games LOL :)

So this was a super yummy meal! I wasn`t really expecting Dave & Busters to have very nice food but it was good :)

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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